Scott M. Lacey Photography
These Three Chefs

Chefs Barry Maiden (Hungry Mother), Timothy Cushman (O Ya) and Paul O’Connell (Chez Henri). Part of the Best Burgers package.

Three Chefs

I used a couple of Profoto 8a packs with a magnum reflector as the main lighting, almost feathering it on the middle subject. This left the chef on the left side underexposed, so I added a gridded beauty dish pointed at the left side of his face to bring the exposure up a notch. Since the magnum was adding some fill to the left chef, I feathered the 5’octa fill from right to left to compensate. I also removed the front diffusion panel for a little added pop. To minimize the light under the table, I flagged the lights from each side and threw a black card on the floor to prevent any fill. I also used a black bookend on each side to cancel out any stray lights from hitting the subject, which tends to happen often at this studio since its painted white wall-to-wall.

Chefs Lighting Setup

Warm People

This shot was for a piece about people who dress warm in the summer. Have to say, I feel for the NSTAR guy. I believe he had over 50 lbs. of gear on when everyone weighed-in before the shoot. I complain when dressing professional requires me to wear long sleeves.

Many thanks to one of our editors, Casey Lyons, for coming up with the idea for the piece. Read it here.

Warm People

On a sad note this was my intern Chelsea Kyle’s last day. Her stand ins will be missed.

Chelsea Stand In

For the gear-heads

2 - Profoto 8a packs
4 - Heads
1 - Beauty dish
1 - 5’ Octa
2 - 20 grids
and plenty of grip

Warm People Lighting Setup

President of the Baseball Hall of Fame - Jeff Idelson

There are those moments when you can’t help but feel like a kid again. That is how I felt when the President of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Jeff Idelson, came into the office for a portrait and had the Carlton Fisk game 6 home run bat in tow. After taking a couple of rips with it, I was able to settle down and take this portrait of him.

Jeff Idelson

Power Series 5, 6 and 7

Finishing up some of my favorites from the series are:

Artistic Director, American Repertory Theater - Diane Paulus

Diane Paulus

Massachusetts Treasure - Steve Grossman

Steve Grossman

Commissioner of Higher Education for Massachusetts - Richard Freeland

Richard Freeland

Power Series 4 of 7 - Governor Deval Patrick

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Hands down the nicest and most approachable subject of the bunch. I got a ton of great shots from this session but this was the one that we published and made the most sense in the series.

Governor Deval Patrick

Profoto beauty dish w/diffusion sock as main, PF 3′x4” Softbox for fill and background light.

Deval Patrick Lighting Diagram

Power 3 of 7 Speaker of the House - Robert DeLeo

Speaker of the House - Robert DeLeo

Robert DeLeo

Beauty dish w/diffusion sock as main, 5’ Octa for fill and a gridded strobe for the background.

Robert Deleo Lighting Setup

Power 2 of 7 – John Fish

John Fish Suffolk Construction

John Fish

John Fish Suffolk Construction Lighting Setup

Power 1 of 7 - Mayor Thomas Menino

I had the opportunity to do a feature portrait series of the 50 most powerful people in Boston. The tricky part about this series was they all had to flow as one group, show “power” and not all look the same. First up Mayor Thomas Menino - 1 of 7.

Mayor Thomas Menino

Thomas Menino Lighting Setup

Designer Zack Lo and Others

I did a series of portraits for an article on the Best Places to Live. I ended up shooting them all with the same style of lighting - one 5’ Profoto octa as the key light camera left, feathering the light on the subject and the background, and a 3x4 soft-box to provide fill. I really like how the portrait of designer Zack Lo came out. It reminds me of an old Gap Jean ad.

Zack Lo

Here are a few others from the series: Ethan Gilsdorf, Mo Cowan, Ayanna Pressley and Bill Rodgers.

Ethan GilsdorfMo Cowan
Ayanna PressleyBill Rodgers

Light-box Lingerie

We decided to construct a huge light-box for this shot by placing a large soft-box underneath a 4x4 piece of white plexiglass. The overexposed glow from underneath and the object’s material were enough to illuminate it. I was a bit nervous on how the shot might come out but was pleased with the overall result.

Lingerie Lighting Setup

Sheer Delights Tearsheet